Dungeons of Doom


You have all been traveling together for some time now. You might not all like each other, but you all have a common goal that involves going into dark places and coming out with bags and bags of loot. Unfortunately, you haven’t been able to find any such locations on the tiny continent of Sumilas… until now.

Recently you’ve heard rumors of a dungeon discovered outside the small town of Woodline. The rumors say that some farmer stumbled upon the entrance while searching for a lamb who had separated from the flock. Apparently he only took one step inside before being assaulted by a great fiery demon! He just managed to make it out with his life and immediately informed the local mayor of his discovery. Ever since this discovery, men have gone missing from Woodline, and people claim to have seen small imps hiding just out of sight, disappearing instantly when noticed and causing considerable stress to the residents of town.

This sounds like your kind of party.


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