Name: Belsin Cropman
STR: 6 (-1 ; -5lbs)
DEX: 14 (+1; +1)
CON: 11 (0; 75%)
INT: 12 (3 bonus languages)
WIS: 16
CHA: 14 (5 max hirelings)

Race: Human (25 yrs old)
Class: Cleric
HP: 3
AC: 15
Saving Throw: 15
Spells: 1st Level – 0
+2 bonus on saving throw rolls against being paralyzed or poisoned
XP Bonus: +15%
Languages:Common, Elvish, Dwarven & Goblin

Chainmail & Shield
Heavy Mace
6 Rations

Weight: 70lbs
Wealth:20gp-6gp (drinks with mayor and 5 rations)
14gp +64gp (treasure)
78gp – 5.3gp (5 rations, meal, water/wine refills)



Belsin is a follower of Zysk, the god of merriment and wine.

Belsin grew up on the family farm outside the small town of Gelgren. He and his 3 brothers helped their father farm the land while his two sisters and mother took care of the livestock. At the age of 13 Belsin decided he wanted to try his hand at wine making. Even as a young boy he always had a love for wine, but not just for the sake of drinking it. He loved to various aromas of wine and the varying tastes. He loved trying new wines so that he could guess as to the region the grapes were grown, what kinds of grapes it was made from and how old it was. Seeing the boy’s talent and love for wine he gave him a small plot of land that he could grow grapes. It was three years before the grapes he planted were ready for their first harvest. Another two years before they were able to bottle that first harvest. The result of Belsin’s love and passion was the best wine every tasted by the town. Soon the wine reached a fame such that the farm became a winery. His family still grows basic crops and livestock for their needs but the primary income comes from their wine, Cropman’s Love (names after Belsin’s love of wine). At the age of 24, while trying to perfect his wine making procedures, Belsin had a vision of a man with deep purple robes and an overflowing goblet inviting him to sit at his table. “You are to be my disciple.” was the only thing he could remember of the vision, but he was certain Zysk had spoken to him. Since then he has traveled the land to spread Zysk’s word…. and wine.

It was during his travels that he met Fang. Asking if he could share the spellcaster’s fire Fang was standoffish at first but Belsin soon drew him out with the help of some of Zysk’s blessing. They learned of each other’s history and soon became friends. Belsin has learned that nothing get’s Fang out of his shell better than a few bottles of wine.


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