A magic-user from the cold North


Name: Fang
STR: 7 (0, 0, 1-2, 0)
DEX: 5 (-1)
CON: 9 (0, 75%)
INT: 17 (5 bonus languages)
WIS: 9
CHA: 8 (3 max hirelings)

Race: human
Class: Magic-User
XP Bonus: +5%

HP: 1

AC: 9
Saving Throw: 15 (+2 vs spells)

Gold: 140 (before equipment). 64.79 (after equipment)

Equipment: Backpack (5gp), Staff (0 gp), Bedroll (0.2gp), Tent (10gp), Spellbook (25gp), Candle (0.01gp), Iron Pot (0.5gp), Flint & Steel (1gp), Charmed Garlic (10gp), 50 feet hemp rope (1gp), small steel mirror (20gp), 5 Rations [trail] (2.5)

Current Spells:
Level One
- Read Magic
- Detect Magic
- Light
- Magic Missiles
- Read Languages
- Shield
- Charm Person

Languages: Common, Dragon, Goblin, Gnoll, Terran, Celestial


Fang was raised as one amongst a group of magical children at an academy in a town knwon as Chesterton, located within the northern tundra. As such he tends to prefer colder places and loathes the heat.

At the academy he was a bit of a savant and usually could be found reading int he library, or practicing his magic. He didn’t socialise often and as such was a bit of a loner.

Eventually as a young teenager his power began to spiral out of control; it was starting to be a problem as usually students of his age did not have hisobsession with learning nor his magical strength, as a response to this dilemma, one of the instructors took him in as a personal apprentice to teach him control of his power, and to attempt to teach him how to survive in the outside world. Eventually, to some degree he had gained control of his power and was no longer causing damage to his propertynor was he scaring the other students with sudden flares of magical power. This done he was brought out of shell to learn how to communicate, to work with others and to be able to survive on his own. At this stage he would soon be a journeyman and need to be able to travel without someone holding his hand.

As a young adult he was soon judged ready to survive, and along with his classmates who he had finally begun to befriend, he graduated journeyman of the academy and et out down south to learn more of his magic in the outside world.

On his way south in one of the smaller towns he encountered a fighter known as ‘Petre’. Resisting the urge to point out that Petre did not look very much like a fighter, he requested permission to travel with Petre, noting that the fighter seemed to be better communicating with others than Fang himself was. This helped in getting direction sas well as keeping an eye out for possible work.

Sadly the pair never did actually find the way to where they intended to go. Leaving the directions in the mind of Petre was not the best idea in the world.


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