Herp the Derpy is a brave, lazy moron.


Name: Herp the Derpy
Str: 11
Dex: 12
Con: 7
Int: 5
Wis: 16
Cha: 13

Race: Human
Class: Cleric
XP Bonus: +15%

HP: 1

AC: 14 (13 w/o shield)
Saving Throw: 15 (+2 vs paralyze & poison)

Gold: 0

Equipment: Backpack, Holy Symbol (wood), Waterskin, Bedroll, Bottle of wine, War Hammer, Ring Mail, Shield, Rations (6), Lantern (hooded), Oil (9 pints)

Rolls: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/search/1030969/

XP: 1321


Herp grew up in a small but prosperous farming village named Farmville. As with all children born of Farmville, Herp’s father had great dreams of his son taking over the family business and carrying on the family name for many generations. Herp, however, had other goals.

Above all, Herp loved to sleep. To him, the day was so bright, so dull, and so strenuous that the mere thought of walking outside and entering the field was enough to drive him mad. His dreams, on the other hand, were full of comfort, beautiful women and people who existed only to enrich his own existence. Sleep was truly the best state of being.

One day, while napping out in the grain field when he was supposed to be working, a strange man tripped over Herp! Startled to waking, he saw that the man was dressed in what appeared to be the fanciest and most comfortable nightgown he had ever seen. Upon inquiring about this, the man told Herp that these were the vestments of his clergy, and that he is a worshiper of Morpheus, god of dreams. God of dreams!? Herp immediately decided that this “Morpheus” must be the most powerful god in the entire world and decided then and there that he would join the clergy so that he could learn more of this god and go somewhere he would surely be able to get some rest without having his father constantly telling him to wake up and harvest the crops.

Years later, having completed his formal training as a Cleric of Morpheus (and having some of the most wonderful dreams of his life), he was sent off into the world to spread the good word and seek out greater enlightenment.

One day on his travels, Herp came across a traveling circus. In this circus was a magnificent magician named Magnuson who was able to perform a trick where he put an elephant to sleep merely by mumbling and waving his arms! Oh, and there were fireworks shooting from his fingertips and he made some man’s hat glow as bright as a torch! He also did this silly thing where his assistant played a bumbling drunkard who actually did set that man’s hat on fire. It was hilarious.

Herp caught up with the magic man after the show and was surprised to hear that he had adventurous aspirations and that he would soon be leaving the circus in search of glory. Strangely, once off stage, the man kept refusing to answer to Magnuson and insisted to be called Terion, trying to convince Herp that the true star of the show was his assistant. Show business people are strange. Herp stuck around long enough to become attached to Magnuson and when it was finally time to say goodbye to the circus, they left together to seek adventure.


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