Name: Petre
Str: 6
Dex: 5
Con: 8
Int: 4
Wis: 9
Cha: 12

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
XP Bonus: 0%

HP: 7
AC: 12
Equipment: Longsword, ringmail


Petre was born a hero… at least that’s what everyone always told him. He was “the chosen one,” “the savior,” “the last hope for our world.” But what good is a savior that can’t fight? Throughout the better part of his 14 years on this planet, Petre had undergone rigorous training that he simply never could grasp. He never could hold a sword properly or shoot an arrow straight and despite all those hours being forced to lift weights, he could never seem to put on any muscle.

One night, when he was sent off to see his mentor, McKenzie, to try to find out exactly what it was he was supposed to be the savior of, he found that the old man already had a visitor – Petre’s father, Carlito. Petre overheard his mentor telling his father that he was a lost cause; that if a lifetime of training couldn’t produce any results, that maybe they were wrong. Carlito just nodded his head, a look of immense disappointment on his face.

Petre turned and ran. He ran as far away as he could with only the money in his pocket and the weapons and armor he had been training with that day. He is the chosen one. He knows it. And he’s going to prove it.

It was not long after he ran away that Gowig and Herp, on their never-ending quest to find exemplary sleepables, discovered Petre hiding in their closet, bravely doing battle with a fallen hanging rod. Having no money of his own, and already having proven his ineptitude to anyone in town who might offer him room and board, the pair graciously allowed Petre to stay with them a night — they have yet to get rid of him.


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