Mage trained in circus


Name: Terion
STR: 12 (to-hit:1 Damage:0 Open: 1-2 Carry: 10)
DEX: 15 (Ranged +1, AC +1)
CON: 10 (SS: 75%)
INT: 14 (Bonus Languages:4 Max spell level: 7 Spell learn chance: 65% Min/Max Spells per level: 5/8)
WIS: 13 (
5% xp)
CHA: 10 (max hirelings: 4)

Race: human
Class: Magic-User
HP: 1
AC: 11
Saving Throw: 15
+2 bonus on saving throws vs spells
XP Bonus: +10%

Spell book
Dart x10
Trail Rations x5
Chalk x3
Scroll case
Flint & Steel
Signal Whistle
Small Steel Mirror

Spells Known:
1st level:
Detect Magic
Magic Missile
Read Magic

Wealth: 81 gold, 6 silver, 5 copper
Weight: 22 lbs
Stat roll: 3d6=12, 3d6=15, 3d6=10, 3d6=14, 3d6=13, 3d6=10
HP roll:1d4=1
Starting gold roll:3d6*10=140
Spell learn chance Roll:1d100=71, 1d100=66, 1d100=96, 1d100=32, 1d100=43, 1d100=58, 1d100=29, 1d100=62



Terion was born the third son of a minor noble family. As an non-inheriting male child, he was supposed to do the honorable thing (which everyone in the nobility knows means join the church or the army and stop draining the family coffers). That sounded terribly dull to him, so he ran off and joined the circus, with dreams of performing on the trapeze.

Alas, it was not to be. The trapeze performers were a family and kept the business in the family. With no appealing daughters of marriageable age, he was forced to look elsewhere. He was spared from a lifetime of shoveling elephant dung when Magnuson the Magnificent took him on as his stage magic act apprentice. Terion soon learned that Magnuson was no mere stage legerdemain, but an actual academy trained magic-user.
On nights when Magnuson was drunk after performances (which was most nights) he would regale Terion with tales of his adventuring days. It was meant to frighten Terion away from adventuring, but it proved to have the opposite effect.

When he had completed his apprenticeship, he bid the troop farewell and left to seek out Belsin, a cleric of Zysk that the circus had hired once to bless the ground the circus was setting up on at one of it’s numerous stops. Belsin’s only desired payment was tickets to the show and an autograph from Magnuson (it’s embarrassing how often this happens really). Terion isn’t really sure why seeking out Belsin is a good idea, but he does travel with plenty of wine, and that seems a good starting place.


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