Chesterton is a major town in the Northern Tundra. Housing tends to be built from stone. The council chambers are made from marble, and are generally seen as “never again”. The town itself, as mentioned, is governedby an elected council, all of whom tend to have other professions in addition to being politicians.

Alongside the magical academy, the town tends to produce metalworkers, miners and jewellers, using the minerals mined from the nearby mountains. As such, gems, jewellery, weapons and armour are primarily for sail, sometimes even enchanted. In addition warm clothing is available for purchase for the convenience of travellers as well as the populace.

The town is friendly to travellers, offering tavern rooms for a price. Whilst friendly to travellers, not a lot of the town travel themselves, so they’re always eager for news on events in the southern regions. Minstrels are not commonplace so a visiting bard might garner a large audience in the tavern. The only travellers that may be turned away after a few days are ones who do not purchase or provide. “Something for nothing” is not a favoured concept.

The town does lack a clergy, as such the concept of a god is viewed with apathy for the most part. Some do worship, but it’s not prevalent. Preaching, however, is frowned upon.

Favoured goods the populace might buy from travelling merchants include spices, expensive clothing (silk in particular), sheep’s wool, dyes, cloth and items made from glass.


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