Gabriella Grem

Who needs pretty when you can punch a hole through a man's chest?


Name: Gabriella Grem

STR: 11
DEX: 8
CON: 11
INT: 13
WIS: 8
CHA: 10

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Age: 21
XP Bonus:
Languages: Common, Sylvan, Auran, Dwarven, Abyssal

HP: 4
AC: 13
Saving Throw: 14

Gold: Current @ 0 gp

Equipment: Long Sword, Bedroll, 15lb Sack, 5 Rations, Waterskin, Hemp Rope, Shield, Flint and Steel, Leather Armor.

Character Rolls:



As far as she could remember, Gabriella was always trainings. Sometimes with her father, sometimes with the local villagers, but mostly with her older brother Gowig. She often thought back to those fun days of hers; training with her brother back home as their father drilled them over and over again in the proper way to skewer a goblin, bargain with a high Demon lord, roast a dire boar over a campfire, and thousands of other adventuring tips and ticks. It was heaven, because to Gaby nothing seemed easier and more right then preparing for the day she would travel the roads.

It all changed that day she had her vision of Gowig. After a long day of practice, she found herself dozing off when she suddenly saw an image of her brother; covered in bloody wounds and screaming for vengeance. She awoke with a start and knew something had happened to him. With her family’s blessing, Gaby has set off to put her training to the test and find her brother.

Gabriella Grem

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