Gowig Grem


Name: Gowig Grem

STR: 14 ( + 1 To Hit, 1—2 Open Doors, + 10lb Carry Mod, + 5% EXP)
DEX: 9
CON: 15 (+ 1 Hit Point Mod)
INT: 10 (2 Languages)
WIS: 13 (+ 5% to EXP)
CHA: 6

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Age: 22
XP Bonus: + 10%
Languages: Common, Draconic

HP: 6
AC: 15
Saving Throw:

Gold: Current @ 6.2gp

Equipment: Bastard Sword, Shield, Chain Mail, Backpack ,Bedroll, Grappling Hook, Hemp Rope (50ft),Water Skin (filled), Torch (10), Rations (5), Meal (1)

Character Rolls: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/search/1032835/


Gowig is a son of House Grem

Born from one of the last surviving families of House Grem, Gowig has made it his duty to restore his family name and honor. Trained by his late father in the ways of the sword and shield, Gowig sets forth to relive the glory of his ancestors and set right the name of Grem.

Shortly after he set out, Grem visited the church of a nearby city to pray to the gods for guidance and favor. As he made his way through the dimly lit church, Grem accidentally tripped over Herp who happened to be sleeping on the floor next to the alter of the Dream God Morpheus. After a bit of cursing, some apologizes, and finally introductions; the 2 man began talking and discovered they had a common interest in adventuring. A partnership soon formed and the 2 companions set out together in search of glory and better places to sleep.

Sadly, Gowig was slain by a pack of treacherous goblins while investigating the disappearance of many villagers from a nearby town. His last thoughts were of his family as he cried out to his sister to avenge him.

Gowig Grem

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