Volg Glasswright

A journeyman jeweller who studies magic on the side.


Str: 10
Dex: 6
Con: 16
Int: 10
Wis: 11
Cha: 13

Race: Human
Class: Magic-User
XP Bonus: 5%
HP: 1
AC: 10
Saving Throw: 15 (
2 vs spells)
Gold: 100 gold (starting). 54.8 (After starting equipment)
Equipment: Backpack (5g), Bedroll (0.2gp), Grappling hook (1gp), Help Rope (1gp), Spellbook (25gp), Charmed Garlic (10gp), Iron pot (0.5gp), 5 trail rations (2.5gp), Staff (0 gp).
Starting Spells: Magic Missile, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Sleep, Shield
Languages: Common, Terran, Gnollish, Goblin

Volg was born to a pair of glasswrights residing in Chesterton. He was taught a small degree of the craft, but his parents soon realised that he did not have the finesse required for a glasswright,but he did have both physical strength and magical skill. Upon being asked which he’d prefer to learn, he displayed an interest in magic and was sent to the college in Chesterton.

Within the college he took to the studies as only a slightly above average student, on the side he also did quarterstaff training, proving to be just as good at hitting things with his staff as he was at casting spells.

Eventually, being viewed as a journeyman battlemage, he was sent to learn more about magic down in the warmer climes of the south.

With the excellent advice of “don’t die”, “make sure to prepare your own meals” and “don’t break that staff”, the young apprentice-turned-journeyman travelled south to warmer climes, hoping he would one day return home.

Volg Glasswright

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