House Grem

The House of Grem was a once famous lineage of renowned adventures that use to be held in high regard throughout the land. Ancient tales speak of the first Grem ancestors coupling with all manners of fantastic beings (angels, dragons, daemons, demi-gods, sprites, and etc.) during the early age of man. The resulting bloodline is well known for producing powerful and talented offspring.

For centuries the sons and daughters of House of Grem was renowned for their adventuring prowess and heroic feats. Many know of the ancient tales and legends of the laughing swordsman Garland the Giddy, belly-dancing high sorceress Gertrude the Giggly, crafty trickster Greggory the Gibber, and hundreds more like them that bore the Grem family sigil. Far and wide had the Grem reputation grown with many books filled with their tales of daring and adventure.

And so it was until the birth of Garth the GreenEyed, the dark necromancer who turned his back on his family lineage and sold his soul to green-eyed daemons for infernal power and wisdom. Although none know what drove him to such madness, all do agree that what followed was a reign of destruction and death as Garth laid waste to the land with his undead army. All looked hopeless until Garth’s twin brother, Gary the GreyEyed, roused his own army of defenders and slew Garth in single combat atop the roof of Garth’s Green Tower before succumbing to his own wounds. House Grem quickly fell into ruin and over time the bloodline reduced to only a few descendants.

Decedents of the house, referred to as the sons and daughters of Grem, still exist though they are mostly scattered and many operate under different names to escape the connotations and history attached to their linage. Decedents typically encounter mixed receptions with the general public. Those that are familiar with the ancient tales of House Grem tend to treat the current sons and daughters with awe and kindness, while others still hold them in contempt for the damage done by their evil ancestor so long ago. Many simply fear them for the potential they posses.

Despite their attempts to remain hidden, decedents of House Grem still exhibit a naturally born affinity to various skills and talents associated with adventuring.

Some claim that a child of Grem’s abilities can be determined by various factors associated with their conception, birth, parents, location, and etc. However, many believe that the natural abilities are as random as rolling a pair of dice.

House Grem

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