Temple of Cant

“Take them to the Temple of Cant. Work like this can be a bit pricey, but they’d be the ones to help. The steeple over there marks the location.”

The priests at Temple of Cant will cast Raise Dead at a rate of 100gp x character level.

Raise Dead can only be used within 5 days of a person dying and the character being raised needs to roll 1d100 and consult the Raise Dead Survival chart on Page 8 of the core rulebook. This value is dependent on the character’s Con score. When raised, the character comes back with only 1hp. (Ignore the rule that states a week’s rest is required)

If Raise Dead fails, the character is instead turned to ash! For a price of 500 x character level, the priests can try one last time! If the spell fails again, there will be no coming back.

Temple of Cant

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