Zysk is the god of merriment and wine.

His followers often wear colors of crimson/purple and green to represent the grape and vines the god is known for. Zysk is often depicted as a young man with a crown made of grapes and grape vines. He is always holding an overflowing cup and laughing or smiling. His holy symbol is goblet. It is said that his favorites among his followers have the chain that holds their goblet turn into and actual grapevine that never breaks or withers.

It has been said that for those followers who have an actual miniature goblet, that you can drink from, have found that in their hours of greatest need Zysk had provided for them with potions that appear in the cup. The stories vary on the types of potions that appear but they range from healing to ability enhancement to protections. For this reason many followers choose to carry a medallion of a miniature wine bottle, also they can keep wine in the goblet and cork it for when they need to pass along the blessings of Zysk.

Also know as: The Vinter; The Merry Maker


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